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Product Description

Sunshine Global Circuits offers a wide array of products and capabilities to meet your diverse PCB needs: 2L-36L Multilayers, HDI, Stacked Microvias, Rigid-Flex, Metal-Backed PCB’s, Hi-Speed boards and Backplanes. We offer a wide variety of materials, including S1000-2, 370HR, 408HR, EM888K, RO4350B, Megtron 6, and Polyimide.

Standard PCB

▪ Layer count ——34L

▪ Material —— S1000 - 2

▪ Board thickness —— 4.6mm

▪ Aspect Ratio —— 18:1

▪ Blind vias —— L32 – L34

▪ Internal Cu —— 1 & 2 oz

▪ Min. LW/LS —— 0.1mm

▪ Min. Drill Size —— 0.25/0.4mm

▪ Impedance —— More than 20 impedance lines

▪ Surface Finish —— ENIG

Show Case